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    Our customized solutions offer bottom line results.  With over 25 years experience, Kelly Direct brings clients a powerful arsenal of supply chain tools to create or supplement a customized program for efficient manufacturing, marketing and distribution...
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    We specialize in the Southern California market to serve interests of those clients whose product is inbound from China. All warehouses are located within 45 of the Port of Los Angeles and LAX...
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    We provide highly-discounted materials for your program including cartons, pallets, shrinkwrap and filler materials.   We also have full print capabilities for projects requiring inserts or personalized letters.
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    Management and Consulting
    Why hire 10 different firms when you can just 1? We are experts at managing all facets of a merchandise distribution program though our services are menu-based since some programs require...
Management and Consulting




We offer 30 years experience managing up to ten supply chain needs for a merchandise distribution program.  Our services are menu-based.  Some programs need only one of two of these elements.  Some programs require management of all these channels.

We will integrate with existing suppliers and/or present our own solutions. Either way, we will effectively manage the process with vendors and your staff to coordinate production schedules, press checks, shipment arrival dates, materials orders and the like.


For development of the merchandise supply chain from the ground up, we also offer consulting on an hourly basis.  Once again, these services may be stand-alone or part of a more inclusive service agreement: 

  • RFP Development – Based on business model and objectives, develop comprehensive RFP to publish to prospective vendors.  RFP to include factors relevant to the program including, but not limited to systems, reporting, merchandise, materials, collateral, receiving, storage, order processing, assembly, shipping, reverse logistics, customer service and account management fees and SLAs.
  • Supplier Discovery – Research and identify best-suited domestic or international partners and publish RFP for supplier response.  Manage RFP process and submissions.  Review responses and pricing to ensure direct rate comparisons.  Report conclusions to management team, making recommendation for top two or three leading candidates.
  • Supplier Qualification/Negotiation.  For any/all candidates, perform on-site and in-depth confirmation and review of facilities, capabilities, account management team and clients. Re-visit RFP pricing and negotiate volume-based services and materials rates.  Establish understanding and rapport at C-level to ensure the highest level of management support and account service representation.
  • Integration. Identify and interview all stakeholders.  Develop and execute integration timelines to accomplish operations spin-up.  Scope to include receiving and inspection procedures, rack plan, packaging supplies, shipper integration, count/move/destroy existing merchandise, and notify suppliers of future product delivery instructions.  Integration will include training and reference manuals for you and your staff, vendors and clients.

On-Site Project Management

Some projects require the bulk distribution of products to special event or sporting venues and, once received, staff or volunteers need to be trained and supervised on site to ensure rapid and accurate distribution of products to volunteers and supporters. 

We are particularly adept at organizing products at the event site and reducing any unnecessary hand movements to reduce labor rates and enhance the overall consumer shopping experience.  Each hand movement is optimized to reduce the number of seconds required to perform the task at hand and any “atypical” situations (like trying on a t-shirt) are diverted from the primary production flow.  We train staff and volunteers to achieve maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

When several venues need to be serviced, we will coordinate delivery and pick-up of merchandise to and from multiple event sites.  At the end of the distribution day, unused items are inventoried, kept on hand for the next day, returned to the warehouse or sent to another venue for fulfillment.  Real-time inventory tracking is maintained throughout this process.


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