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365/24/7 Dashboard and Online Reporting


Reporting is the #1 reason companies terminate their fulfillment vendor. And for good reason.

As a marketer or program manager, you must have immediate online access to your program day and night.  With over 25 years of fulfillment and program management experience, we know what data you need to see and why. Thousands of ready-to-go reports are available the minute we receive the first product into our system. Or we can provide custom reporting.

Kelly Direct's reporting systems are cloud-based and state-of-the art with real time data relating to program inventory and fulfillment.  Information is available online 365/24/7 and/or on a subscription basis.  Reports include but are not limited to:

  • Receiving
  • Freight Management/Trucking
  • Inventory
  • Order Tracking
  • Revenue
  • Accounting (back office)
  • Customer Care
  • Web store metrics
  • Continuity
  • Promotional Offers

All reports are based on live data, updated real-time.  Each report has a Report Selection page that allows the user to customize the parameters of each individual report on the fly.  All reports are fully paginated with full text searching capability, as well as the ability to export to XML, CSV, TIFF, PDF, Excel and web formats.  Reporting security can be established down to the user and menu level granularity.

The online ordering system contains the required validations – ensuring that all required fields have been completed; the maximum ordering quantity is not exceeded without approval, etc.  The ordering process generates order confirmations, while fulfillment systems generate required shipping confirmations.

Internal proprietary software application benefits range from streamlining and enhancing communication throughout all departments, seamless data transfer to call centers, and the focus placed on building proactive quality assurance into all operations.

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