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B2B Fulfillment / EDI Integration


Kelly Direct specializes in Business-to-Business (B-B) fulfillment for merchandise and promotional products.  

We manage retailer product distribution engagements providing accurate and timely distribution of merchandise and materials to big box stores and boutiques.   We currently service over 60 retailers and we are experts at routing guide compliance and the elimination of chargebacks.  We are also fully EDI compliant, providing you and the retailer up-to-the-minute status information on in-bound product deliveries.  Should any of your merchandise require assembly, kitting, ticketing or the inclusion of other POP collateral, we will perform all pre-ship production to meet program (and retailer) specifications.

Kelly Direct B-B fulfillment services include:

  • Vendor management
  • Inbound freight (manufacturer to port and/or port to warehouse)
  • Warehousing short- or long-term
  • High capacity loading docks with ability to accommodate high volume containers
  • Assembly, kitting and ticketing
  • Order validation and routing to via automated data processing including FTP, SFTP, XML, email, http, EDI, etc.
  • Same day order fulfillment
  • EDI and routing guide implementation and maintenance
  • Automated pick sheet, ship label and packing list in walk sequence
  • Voice-to-pick systems
  • RF and bar code scanning
  • Order pick and pack validated by automated systems
  • High speed conveyor systems
  • Least cost routing with carrier analysis, recommendation and implementation (LTL, FTL, UPS, USPS, Mail Express, Smart Post, Fed Ex, DHL and others)
  • On-line order tracking
  • Dedicated account manager and administrative support
  • Reverse logistics
  • Sophisticated 24-hour IT reporting
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