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Kelly Direct Inc. is an internationally recognized leader in the fulfillment industry.  The company specializes in assembly, pick/pack and order fulfillment projects for promotional product distributors and Fortune 500 companies.

Kelly Direct provides extremely low pricing, high visibility and pragmatic solutions based on decades of experience.  The company has managed thousands of projects and shipped millions of items.

President Kelly Bennett provides the resources and connections to customize and execute one-time or ongoing fulfillment projects.   Kelly launched a one-woman firm in 1984.  The company eventually expanded 11 times to become a multi-million dollar operation with 200K+ sq ft of warehouse space.   Over the years, she has worked with and competed against dozens of highly regarded fulfillment companies in the US and abroad, while maintaining President-to-President relationships.  Kelly's hands-on, entrepreneurial and direct approach ensures lowest rates and smoothest operations with exceptional customer service.  Read More

Warehousing and Logistics



Customized Fulfillment Solution  

Based on over 25 years experience, Kelly Direct select the warehousing solution(s) based upon the considerations below.  The goal is to get the lowest wholesale rates in the facility that makes the most sense.   

As founder of a leading fulfillment company and an active player in the industry, Kelly Direct knows the players and their capabilities, rates and reputation.  Founder Kelly Bennett has direct President-to-President relationships with every firm to ensure the project is always front and center. 

Considerations for customized warehouse assignment: 

  • Vendor specialty
  • Vendor challenges
  • Warehouse proximity to port
  • Warehouse proximity to ship destinations
  • Multiple locations for East/West distribution
  • Corporate overhead
  • Square footage and storage capabilities
  • Industry knowledge
  • Rates and rate structure
  • Ability to leverage high volume ship rates
  • Ability to leverage high volume material rates
  • Account representative service and responsiveness
  • IT and integration sophistication
  • Quality reporting and visibility
  • Turn time guarantees
  • Best suited to a low or high SKU volume
  • Best suited to consumer or business distribution
  • Shipper integration expertise
  • On-site Fed Ex or UPS reps
  • Ability for rapid 100+ staff spin-up
  • Accommodation of projects during peak periods
  • Returns processing experience
  • Equipment and loading dock capabilities
  • Payment processing capabilities
  • Call center integration experience
  • On-site or outsourced IT department
  • Shopping cart development skills
  • Compliance to routing guides and EDI for retail shipments
  • Relevant industry certifications (HIPAA, FDA, etc.)
  • High-value, refrigerated or temperature-controlled storage space

Logistics and Shipping 

Generally speaking, the cost of shipping is three times that of fulfillment costs.  Therefore, it is imperative that the shipping solution is with the appropriate shipper at the lowest rates possible,  

Due to shipment volume, Kelly Direct warehouses have significant discounts with UPS, FedEx and other carriers....some as much as 60% to 70% off retail rates.  Warehouses are integrated with UPS and Fed Ex systems and may have multiple pick-ups per day and an on-site representative. 

Kelly Direct also manages freight from to the point of manufacture to the port, the port drayage to the warehouse and, of course, to the ultimate destination(s).  We can pick up from and ship to any destination in the world.

Typical Projects

700 holiday gifts with 5 SKUs

14 SKUs and weekly drops for an ongoing auto dealership training program

20K promotional pins to 180 retail store locations

180K prescription refill reminders on behalf of medical device company

10K Kids Club bags to luxury hotel chain

15K jackets with 46 SKUs to health care employees

135K sets of glassware to major retailers for in-store Super Bowl promotion

·3.5 million CDs for internet service provider