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Frequently Asked Questions | Fulfillment Services| Warehousing



Where are your warehouses?

Kelly Direct offices are headquartered in Southern California but we have 9.5 million square feet of fulfillment and warehousing space throughout the US.  We also have alliances in Mexico, Canada and 14 European countries. The majority of our warehouses are in California given proximity to Ports of Los Angeles and Oakland. Our facilities range in size from 10K square feet to over 1 million square feet.


My client gave me zero information but I still need a bid.  Can you do this? 

Yes.....or we will get very close to anticipated rates.  Based on 30 years of experience, we are very good at providing a quick, ballpark estimate. Projects where we can predict labor and materials (e.g., one-off assembly projects) are far easier (and faster) to quote than complex programs and/or those with system integration.  It may also make sense to present tiered pricing for those projects where volume is highly unpredictable.  Either way, we recommend you add about 10% to the projected rate to anticipate inevitable changes in scope.  To get started, get as many answers as to can to "20 Project Scoping Questions" by clicking on "PAPERS" above.  


Do I get tracking for every single shipment?



Is shipping and inventory information available online?

Yes. Everything related to your account is available securely online 365/24/7 in real-time from any web browser. You can check order status and inventory with the click of a mouse. Our system can also send proactive email alerts for criteria that you select.


How does shipping work?

We can bill to your customer's account, your corporate account or our warehouse's accounts. We can almost guarantee that our shipping rates are better. Because UPS and Fed Ex compete vigorously for high volume shippers, the rates of some of our facilities are up to 65% below retail. This can become a (sometimes significant) revenue stream.


How do I ship to retailers?

In general, small and mid-size retailers do not need anything special to accept deliveries of merchandise.  Major retailers publish "routing guides" which dictate the manner in which any shipment is received at the retailer, whether promotional materials or product. The routing guides are painfully specific and sometimes complex - some retailers even have different routing requirements for individual stores within the chain. Hands-on management of routing guides is the key to avoiding significant charge back penalties.


What is your minimum size program to handle project fulfillment?

There is no minimum on the number of units assembled.  However, it most likely will not make sense for your budget to run a project through us that is less than 500 units.   There is also no maximum.  We have the ability to assemble up to 250K units per day.  Some projects are one-time assembly runs and others are ongoing product fulfillment programs.......all vary in volume and complexity.