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    Kelly Direct assembles, warehouses and ships merchandise and promotional products all over the world.  We have managed thousands of fulfillment projects and shipped millions of items...   More>>
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Kelly Direct is an internationally recognized leader in fulfillment and logistics with over 25 years experience and connections.  The firm has an arsenal of a dozen rigorously vetted warehouses all over the country to serve your unique fulfillment needs. 

Kelly Direct offers 11.5 million square feet of warehouse space in the United States, Mexico, Canada and 14 European countries.  The firm selects and manages the fulfillment company based on the project suitability, proximity to port, proximity to ship destination(s), IT sophistication, storage capability, labor pool and more.  

Typical projects include: 

  • 34 SKUs and weekly drops for an ongoing auto dealership training program
  • 20K promotional pins to 180 retail store locations
  • 180K prescription refill reminders on behalf of medical device company
  • 10K Kids Club bags to leading hotel chain
  • 15K jackets with 46 SKUs to health care employees
  • 135K sets of glassware to major retailers for in-store Super Bowl promotion
  • 855K samples of dietary supplements to health and wellness organizations

Clients receive top-notch customer service and sophisticated, yet user-friendly, 365/24/7 reporting.  With decades of experience and long-term relationships with suppliers and shippers, Kelly Direct clients have a large competitive advantage to distribute promo materials to consumers, retailers, event venues and other end-users.  The firm provides fulfillment services such as assembly packaging, assembly/kitting, order fulfillment for retailers and businesses, order fulfillment to consumers, inbound and outbound freight, ticketing, refurbishing and liquidation and more.

Kelly Direct's experts help the client navigate directly to their objectives, squeezing every penny of distribution and fulfillment costs out while ensuring every dollar of revenue is realized in your campaign.

Over 30 years of entrepreneurial, logistics and creative marketing experience is leveraged to help our clients execute sales and brand building campaigns quickly and efficiently. In fact, programs developed or fulfilled by Kelly Direct can be deployed in up to half the time and at a fraction of the cost of in-house or brokered services.

Kelly Direct helps agencies, brands and retailers get their direct response or promotional marketing initiatives done - with passion and with speed.  Warehousing, pick and pack services, assembly packaging, assembly/kitting, order fulfillment, e-commerce, and third party logistics are executed from the facility(ies) that make financial and operational sense for your program.