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    Our customized solutions offer bottom line results.  With over 25 years experience, Kelly Direct brings clients a powerful arsenal of supply chain tools to create or supplement a customized program for efficient manufacturing, marketing and distribution...
  • Warehousing and Logistics
    We specialize in the Southern California market to serve interests of those clients whose product is inbound from China. All warehouses are located within 45 of the Port of Los Angeles and LAX...
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    We provide highly-discounted materials for your program including cartons, pallets, shrinkwrap and filler materials.   We also have full print capabilities for projects requiring inserts or personalized letters.
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    Management and Consulting
    Why hire 10 different firms when you can just 1? We are experts at managing all facets of a merchandise distribution program though our services are menu-based since some programs require...
Our Clients



Promotional product distributors engage Kelly Direct for transportation, assembly and fulfillment of products, promotional items and in-store displays.  

For over 30 years, we have worked with clients in the promotional products industry.  We are well-known and widely recognized in the industry.  When you call, we work with you to identify your project needs and determine the fulfillent company best suited to your needs.  We manage the import of the database.....some are quite simple and some are exceedingly complex.     We get the product from the manufacturer -- whether international or domestic -- quickly and cost effectively.  Our warehouses can "simply" cross-dock goods or assemble tens of thousands of units per day.  Materials and shipping costs are highly reduced.  Tracking and reporting is provided immediately.  When a company store is neededor involved, we also offer a "Cart Start"  program which is an "all-in" price for site design and fulfillment for 90 days. 

Fortune 500 Brands


America's leading consumer products brands utilize Kelly Direct to manage supply chain for B-C and B-B fulfillment initiatives.  

Kelly Direct services are integrated with the established product management team and structure -- both internal and external.  We focus on identifying potential error patchs and cost savings for each program.  We then manage the overall movement of materials, adding Kelly Direct suppliers if and as needed to pull the program together.  Kelly Direct also supports fulfillment for traditional promotional vehicles like on-line sweepstakes, coupons, premiums, and contests and sweepstakes.

In addition, due to Kelly Direct's unique and vast experience with data management and fulfillment, brands also consult with Kelly Direct to streamline the hard costs associated with a creative campaign. Each production element of the campaign including the design of the piece, associated weights and dimensions, packaging solutions and shipping methods are analyzed to ensure maximum cost efficiency and compliance with the US Postal Service and other regulating agencies.

Marketing and Advertising Firms 

Kelly Direct assembles and ships branded merchandise and materials to large scale, world-class events, campaigns and fundraisers. 

With 30 years experience, we understand the urgency, changes and challenges to execute logistics for a large scale event.  We understand the importance of your brand and our responsibility to uphold brand integrity by ensuring a positive experience by your guests and fans.  We have managed logistics for hundreds of experiential marketing and special events. 

Our services are offered on a menu-driven basis.  We understand -- and hope! -- you already have suppliers in place and we gladly work with them.  We will ntroduce, improve and/or supplement existing supply chain links to enhance speed, effectiveness and profitability.

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