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Inventory Management and Reporting



Clients have access to state-of-the art reporting with real time data relating to program inventory and fulfillment.  Information is available online 365/24/7 and/or on a subscription basis.  Reports include but are not limited to:

  • Receiving
  • Freight Management/Trucking
  • Inventory
  • Order Tracking
  • Revenue
  • Accounting (back office)
  • Customer Care
  • Web store metrics
  • Continuity
  • Promotional Offers

Receiving and Inventory Management

The minute inventory hits the receiving dock, it is logged into the system, manually signed off from the carrier delivering and immediately assigned a location within the Receiving area.  From there it is received into our system based on the pre-determined business rules (packing slip verification, case count/verification, per piece count, etc).

Inventory is then put away based on warehouse zoning rules.  This is critical as the automated inventory allocation routines and system design walk sequences based on the optimal location for the inventory.  This is based on the inventory velocity, inventory foot print, inventory value, etc.

Lastly, all inventory transactions are fully supported by an extensive audit trail.  When questions do arise concerning inventory movement, there are outstanding forensic capabilities.  Inventory accountability is engrained into the culture of all warehouse facilities.

Picking and Labeling

Innovative automation systems are specifically designed to eliminate error paths.  The system collects thousands of orders throughout the night, and into the day and performs many critical functions:

  • Allocates the inventory based on the predetermined location zone priority;
  • Segments the orders based on predetermined phase grouping – this is driven by carrier, order priority, order type, grouping of order similarities and SKU quantities/groupings, fulfillment area the orders are being routed to, and documentation requirements.

When warehouse personnel come to work in the morning, thousands of orders are already fully allocated, master and individual picksheets (and control sheets) printed, and in many cases carrier compliant labels already generated – all broken out by phases for each fulfillment function within the warehouse.

Pick/Pack Operations

Due to the extensive flexibility and business rule capability in the automation systems, there is strategic flexibility on how orders are routed and processed within the facility(ies).    Order characteristics are analyzed for every program and the system routes orders to the department best suited for order processing to ensure quality fulfillment.

For homogenous/like item orders, full belt-driven production lines are created fulfillment.  This allows for an easily pull to stage the inventory and work the day’s kitting/assembly/fulfillment projects in batches based on a sophisticated production planning system.  This includes full quality assurance with package scanning and system driven ‘shipping’.

For orders that have some characteristics that lend towards batch processing, yet still have a certain degree of SKU variability, a Batch Pick and Pack operation is specifically designed for that customer’s orders, in batch-like function, while still enabling selective pick and pack orders.

Last, for the complex orders that are true pick and pack, our system guides pick-sheet picking, delivery to various pack out lines, subsequently scanning at the product level and packed into individual cartons.


  • Pallet racks
  • Static baker racking
  • Fork lifts, standard and narrow aisle
  • Pallet jacks
  • Powered conveyor and assembly lines
  • Gravity conveyor and assembly lines
  • “Voice to Pick” systems
  • Pack out work cell & tables
  • Flow Rack/Industrial Shelving
  • Stretch wrapping machine
  • Shrink wrap tunnel
  • RF scan guns
  • Banders