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We're all in the business of over-delivering to our customers.

With large scale assembly and fulfillment programs, over-delivering is not just getting the right merchandise to the right people at the right time.
It's about being smart, responsive, customer-focused and offering pricing that, frankly, your competitors can't touch.
Here are ways Kelly Direct helps you over-deliver to your customers on projects requiring product assembly and fulfillment:
Not all fulfillment companies were created equal.  They vary greatly in areas of specialization, IT sophistication, capacity, ability for rapid staff-up, overhead, rate structure and location.  The physical location of the warehouse is of extreme importance to calculate cost and turn time.
We strategically negotiate with and manage the project in the warehouse that makes sense for your project. Due to proximity to Ports of LA, many projects will be worked in one of nine highly vetted fulfillment companies in Southern California.
We know where pricing should be.  We've worked with, competed against and/or socialized with some of our partners for decades.  We know who does what well and what they can (really) handle.  We frequently dictate pricing, not the other way around.
We add to your bottom line.  We are entrepreneurs, not brokers. We work for you. We negotiate every nickel on your project and pass along these volume discounts, providing your company with yet another source of revenue.
We allow account executives do their real job without spending time with the important yet frustrating mystery details, shipping rules and last minute changes that accompany every fulfillment program.
We make you look like an expert.  We guide you through the bid process, suggest talking points, recommend packaging, send photos of product upon arrival, jump on client conference calls and provide automated tracking for each and every shipment.  What's more, you will have a status report every morning when you arrive at the office.
Please let us know how we can help you over-deliver to your customers.