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Holiday promotion planning is in full swing right now.  Of course, calculating the number of days to fulfill and ship the product is crucial.  Here are five FAQs about warehousing and kitting we get this time of year:
How many days does it take to get the package from the loading dock to its destination?
Carriers move substantially more packages during the holidays (UPS alone will ship 750 million packages between Thanksgiving and New Years Day).  Due to the sheer increase in volume and severe weather conditions, there were some fairly significant delivery delays in 2017.   Major shippers launched new systems and solutions this year but they have not yet been tested.

#1:   Add a 2-3 day pad when planning turn time for in-hand delivery date

How can I get my products entered into the inventory system as quickly as possible?
Your products will handled at as many as four warehouses from start-to-finish of the fulfillment process.  In general, the cartons and pallets that get received in first are those that are readily identifiable, stand out, and have all info needed for disposition.  To stay out of the research zone, consider neon labels, identify the full carton count, barcode the product (if possible), and provide an ASN.
#2:   Make your cartons stand out and provide explicit handling instructions
What will materials cost?
In most cases, your shipments will be need to re-packed into something else. Can we re-use the in-bound cartons or do we have to purchase? What are the dimensions and weight of the product to determine least cost packaging? Can I get "free" shipping envelopes and materials from the carrier itself?   How do I protect fragile products?

#3:   Look at materials rates at or any large office supply supplier
(We get substantially lower wholesale rates, but it will give you an idea)
Will there be returns?
Databases that are 100% accurate are very rare.  To avoid undeliverable shipments, first evaluate the mailing list. Where did the list come from? How old is it? Are multiple people providing lists that must be de-duped? Did consumers (notorious for bad data) input their own information?  Even with careful vetting, returns processing should be considered at program bid stages.

#4:   Expect a 5%-7% return rate on consumer shipments.
What other ways can I shave time and cost from the project?
Kelly Direct has holiday fulfillment projects for over 27 years on behalf of America's Fortune 500 brands and leading agencies.   We scope the project, select the appropriate warehouse partner, negotiates wholesale rates and manages the program from start-to-finish.  Exceptional rates and exceptional customer service.
#5:   Call Kelly Direct at 818.262.0613 or click here