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Direct Mail & Social Media - A Sweet Combo
Whoever thought that direct mail would save the day when an American candy manufacturer, looking to breathe new life into a worn and tired candy brand, saw consumer participation increase by seventeen times the original estimate? 

It started in this innocent way...

A nationally recognized candy maker developed a social media campaign to breathe new life into one of the company’s taffy style candy brands, originally launched in the US market in the early 1950’s.

Utilizing a sampling and trial strategy for the campaign, an offer for a FREE CANDY BAR and discount coupon for purchasing more at retail was communicated through social channels.  To redeem the offer, the consumer had to “Like” the company on their facebook page.

The original estimate for the campaign was to attain 3,000 LIKES.  Over the weekend in which the program launched, however, the campaign went viral and the total number of participants grew to 40,000! The company decided to limit the promotion to the first 50,000 consumers.

The campaign was a wild success, but how was this going to be fulfilled to the consumer? After all, the company was afraid that their facebook page could suddenly register thousands of negative comments, as opposed to tens of thousands of LIKES if the Free Candy Bar arrived late - or worse, in bad shape.

Kelly Direct to the rescue!

First, the database, candy bars and coupons were delivered to Kelly Direct's climate controlled warehouse.  Several shipping options were considered to minimize shipping charges and maintain product efficacy.  Ultimately, the US Postal Service was selected as the best fit. All 50,000 items were shipped and received with 5 days.

Success! In addition to an additional 50,000 “LIKES” on the brand’s facebook page, hundreds of positive comments were posted by consumers after they received their candy bars in the mail.


Kelly Lynn Bennett is President/COO of Kelly Direct, a unique campaign strategy and execution firm providing marketing, media, management, and fulfillment logistics services. For more information go to or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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