• services-img4Fulfillment
    Our customized solutions offer bottom line results.  With over 25 years experience, Kelly Direct brings clients a powerful arsenal of supply chain tools to create or supplement a customized program for efficient manufacturing, marketing and distribution...
  • Warehousing and Logistics
    We specialize in the Southern California market to serve interests of those clients whose product is inbound from China. All warehouses are located within 45 of the Port of Los Angeles and LAX...
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    We provide highly-discounted materials for your program including cartons, pallets, shrinkwrap and filler materials.   We also have full print capabilities for projects requiring inserts or personalized letters.
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    Management and Consulting
    Why hire 10 different firms when you can just 1? We are experts at managing all facets of a merchandise distribution program though our services are menu-based since some programs require...
Assembly & Kitting Checklist


In this day and age of digital media, the distribution of physical media is gaining in favor as agencies, brands and retailers seek to create brand engagement.  Kelly Direct fulfillment services can help by assembling, kitting and shipping your physical products and promotional media as completed packages.

Whether 500 units or 500,000 units, we can assemble, kit, package and fulfill product samples, promotional items, incentive and amenities kits, gift bags, event give-aways and media kits.

Download our handy digital checklist "How to Pre-Flight Assembly & Kitting Projects" and contact us for your next assembly project.


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