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Scent Marketing Drives Double Digit Sales Lift at the Point of Purchase PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kelly Bennett   

The sense of smell is the quickest way to tap into a consumer’s emotional responses and memory. Those companies who apply practical scenting methods in their marketing strategies now will place themselves ahead of the curve of a significant trend in advertising and promotion.

The meteoric rise in the sales of scent related products over the past few decades has demonstrated that a large portion of the public already has a strong positive interest in aroma.   Unlike the other four physical senses, scent takes an express route directly to the right side of the brain, leaving all of the other senses in its dust.

Facts about scent: 

The human nose has over 1 million receptors and can identify as many as 10,000 different smells.

• At puberty, the ability to smell increases.  Between the ages of 20 and 40, the capability of both genders to perceive smells is at an optimum, though women are much better at smelling than men.

• Americans and British are culturally similar yet sometimes react to certain smells very differently.  For example, while Americans in general enjoy the scent of wintergreen, many British find this unpleasant.

• Eight major factors of mood are affected by fragrance:  irritation, stress, depression, apathy, happiness, sensuality, relaxation and stimulation.

• As much as 80-90% of what we generally refer to as taste is actually aroma.

These scents are proven to have the following effect on most humans:

• Lavender – Induces relaxation; reduces typographical errors

• Jasmine – Enhances alertness, hand/eye coordination, athletic performance

• Rose, Cinnamon, Pine – Brings back happy moments

• Violet – Enhances learning speed by 17%; Improves concentration

• Lily of the Valley – Happiness, relaxation

• Douglas Fir - Alleviates negative moods

• Tuberose – Evokes happiness; Enhances romance/intimacy

• Floral Spice – Reduces a woman’s perceived weight by as much as 7%

When strategically applied at the point of purchase, scent can and will drive sales.  Case studies include:

  • Athletic Shoe Manufacturer.  When placing sneakers in two different rooms (one unscented and one scented with mixed floral), 84% of the people in the scented room said they were more likely to buy the shoes and many would pay about $10 more for the product in that environment. 
  • Las Vegas casino.  In a scented environment, total revenue for slot machines increased by over 45%.  When the study was repeated using a higher concentration of scent, revenue shot up by 53%. 
  • Vending Machine.  After deploying chocolate scent, sales for chocolate increased 66%.  Other products increased by 12%. 
  • Nightclub.  When coconut scent was introduced to a London nightclub, sales for the rum drink Malibu more than doubled. 
  • Retail Mall.  When traces of citrus were delivered into the mall’s general areas, purchases increased by $55/customer in the time period studied. 

KellyDirect will introduce you to the exciting new world of scent marketing.  We have five patented delivery systems, thousands of scents and a money-back guarantee for at least a double digit sales lift.  Call now!



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