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APRIL 2018: 


The annual Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) industry sales analysis reports that promotional products industry sales for 2017 increased 9.31 percent, totaling $23.3 billion. That's the highest sales volume in 18 years. PPAI attributed the increased growth to two main factors: online sales and sales of products from non-industry providers (such as Walmart and CafePress). Non-industry providers accounted for about $3.4 billion in product sales (14% of the total dollar volume). Online sales and e-commerce will continue to increase as smartphone usage and capabilities grow. Total online sales increased by 28.1 percent, reaching $5.3 billion.


The Port of Los Angeles moved more cargo in 2017 than in any time in the Port's 110-year history, racking up 9,343,192 Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units (also known as a 20' container). This is a 5.5% percent increase over 2016's record-breaking year. It's was the most cargo moved annually by a Western Hemisphere port. This growth was a result of technology upgrades which aggregate key cargo data online to facilitate better cargo tracking, projections, and productivity. The Port's infrastructure was also upgraded to service increasingly larger ships.


Fleet operators ordered 32,900 Class 8 trucks in November, a 70% boost over a year ago, giving truck makers their strongest two-month stretch for orders since the start of 2015. Trucking companies are adding capacity as strong economic growth fuels surging ship volume and prices. Carrier confidence is high for 2018, providing relief to many in the industry that laid off workers in 2016 as orders fell to multi-year lows. The only brake on the fleet owners' expansion plans, in fact, may be finding enough drivers to run the big rigs.

Sources: PPAI Magazine, WSJ Logistics Report

If you'd like to apply 30 years of insider knowledge to a targeted fulfillment solution for your next program, please contact us. We work with 11 tried-and-true warehouses throughout the country, each having different strengths, IT capabilities, production capacity and shipping rates. Based on the specifics of your program, we will expertly negotiate, select and manage your fulfillment project with unsurpassed customer service.

Please call us at 818.262.0613 or reply to this email so we can talk about costs and efficiency for your supply chain.


Are you anxious about mingling at social events?

Do you struggle with the topic from which to initiate a conversation?

How do you best display your intellect, wit and conviviality

at the next summer BBQ?

We have the answer:  Warehousing and Fulfillment Trivia!

Opening a conversation with obscure warehousing facts is an excellent way to establish an instant bond with a new acquaintance at your next social outing.  He or she will surely remember you and your unique and clever repartee.

Here are some little-known facts about fulfillment from which to build that fast, new friendship:

Q:   "Do you know how many pallets fit on a container ship?"

A:    18,000 - 20,000

Q:   "What is the value of the products moved through the Ports of Los Angeles every day?"

A:    $1 Billion

Q:  "Which Major League Baseball team sells the most branded merchandise?"

A:    New York Yankees (followed by the Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago Cubs)

Q:   "Do you know how many warehouses Kelly Direct has?"

A:    Eleven.

Q:   "How would an assortment of warehouses streamline fulfillment operations and enhance your bottom line?"

A:   Based on over 25 years experience, Kelly Direct selects a tried-and-true warehouse(s) based on project suitability, proximity to the port, proximity to ship destination(s), IT sophistication, storage capability, ability to rapidly expand labor, and more. Our goal is to offer you and your customer extraordinary service at the lowest wholesale rates in the facility that makes sense.

Thank you!  Good luck practicing your new networking skills.  We are always happy to provide you, your clients, your friends, your relatives and complete strangers with insider fulfillment knowledge.



But it’s not so simple, is it?

Two suppliers are running behind schedule, one guy sent product to the wrong location, you’re worried about breakage,  nobody printed the inserts, you now need to send to Dallas locations, then Canada,  then “the rest of the list”, the AP department gave you the wrong Fed Ex account number and warehouse will be closed for the long weekend.   And then the dock workers go on strike.

It doesn’t make sense for YOU (or your client) to juggle all these balls and handle all of these emergencies.  Not only is it a LEGENDARY waste of your time, you -- or someone on your staff -- drops the ball.  It’s not surprising.  It happens.  Fulfillment is not your specialty.  Nor should it be.

But it’s ours.

We manage up to 10 supply chain services in the top 10 US markets.

From Start to Finish.  Done.

Our Signature 10x10 program offers supply chain and fulfillment solutions all over the world.  Some programs are small (1000 units run).  Some are large (44,000 B2C shipments per day).

If you’d like to have a talk about what is going on  -- or, rather, going wrong - with your assembly and kitting projects, please contact us today.  We would be happy to take a look at your supply chain operations, evaluate existing supplier performance and provide you – and your client -- better solutions.

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