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Customized internet based games utilizing online and offline prize redemption are becoming the marketer's tactic of choice for engaging consumers, capturing valuable demographic data, driving retail traffic, generating referrals, and stimulating trial or purchase frequency.

Kelly Direct can help you create a custom interactive game on your consumer-facing website that pays for itself in increased sales and new prospects. We can also accommodate mobile and stand-alone social networking executions.

Our unique and affordable solutions result in the highest level of interactivity with your brand, creating increased loyalty and extending the lifetime value of your customer base.


2010 Pageant of the Masters Performances Scented to Enhance Audience Experience

August 29 2010

Laguna Beach, CA


The “Eat, Drink and Be Merry” theme of the 78th Annual 2010 Pageant of the Masters presented by the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach, California, was enhanced by scent for the first time in its history. 

Long-known for spectacular recreations of art and periodic “surprises” for the audience, two pieces were accompanied by scent in this year’s pageant. The first piece, “Thanksgiving” (c.1935, by Dorris Lee) was accentuated by the scent of pumpkin pie “as mother pulled Thanksgiving dinner out of the oven.”

Artist Scott Moore’s “Coffee and Donuts” (c.2008) was also accompanied by the scent of coffee. Moore, Laguna Beach resident since 1995, and his work were featured prominently at the Pageant.

We were thrilled to be part of this year’s Pageant [of the Masters],” says Kelly Bennett, representative for ScentAndrea, the company selected to deliver

the scent. “Its use here once again reinforces the power of scent to immediately and positively enhance consumer experience.”

Effective delivery of the scent in this case was challenged by an outdoor theatre with light winds. Also, the system had to be as quiet as possible so as not to interfere with Skip Conover’s narration (his 17th season as “The Voice of the Pageant”) nor the Pageant Orchestra.

There also were timing issues in that we needed to deliver scent, pretty much simultaneously, to 2,000 seats in an outdoor theatre, with winds, so that the scent delivery began and ended at the appropriate moment during the 75 second presentation then shut down the system so as to not impact the next piece.”

ScentAndrea Founder Carmine Santandrea and the Pageant’s legendary Technical Director and Lighting Designer Richard “Butch” Hill met in the empty theatre and made adjustments to the systems in the weeks prior to the first performance on July 8 2010. Ultimately, three high-powered fans were placed strategically in the venue. The number of ScentAndrea’s patented “wafers” and fan speed were adjusted to achieve maximum results. The wafers were switched out each between Act I and Act throughout the 57 performances.

er "Be Brief. Be Brilliant. Be Gone." PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kelly Bennett   

I had the distinct pleasure of a lunch meeting with advertising and marketing legend Chris LaBonge in March 2008.

Chris shared a moment long ago when, as a young intern at a large NYC advertising firm, he had his first pitch with the president. Chris practiced every word, every gesture and every pause in that pitch. The presentation, he estimated, would last 21 minutes followed by a 10 minute Q&A.

The day of the pitch, Chris wore his best suit, grabbed a cab and appeared before the president's executive assistant. Chris was ushered into president's office. He was not offered a seat.

"Be brief. Be brilliant. Be gone," the President boomed.

So much for the practiced 21 minutes.

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