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    Our customized solutions offer bottom line results.  With over 25 years experience, Kelly Direct brings clients a powerful arsenal of supply chain tools to create or supplement a customized program for efficient manufacturing, marketing and distribution...
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    We specialize in the Southern California market to serve interests of those clients whose product is inbound from China. All warehouses are located within 45 of the Port of Los Angeles and LAX...
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    We provide highly-discounted materials for your program including cartons, pallets, shrinkwrap and filler materials.   We also have full print capabilities for projects requiring inserts or personalized letters.
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    Management and Consulting
    Why hire 10 different firms when you can just 1? We are experts at managing all facets of a merchandise distribution program though our services are menu-based since some programs require...
Fulfillment Services | Assembly Packaging | Order Processing

Kelly Direct is a campaign strategy and execution firm with over 20+ years of experience providing fulfillment services and order processing for agencies, brands, retailers, direct response TV, catalog marketers and online marketers throughout the United States and internationally.

Our order processing and fulfillment services include business to business fulfillment and business to consumer fulfillment.  In addition, we offer call center services, best method shipping analysis and 365/24/7 dashboard and online reporting.

Fulfillment centers and warehouses are strategically located in the Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Louisville and Dallas areas for the lowest cost shipping and freight rates available in the U.S.  In addition, Kelly Direct has warehouse and fulfillment center alliances throughout Canada.

Our complete fulfillment services include kitting, assembly, warehousing, order processing, pick, pack, packaging and shipping of consumer products, promotional materials and collateral materials to consumers, retailers, distributors and field offices.  This is commonly referred to as 3PL (third party logistics) or 4PL (fourth party logistics).

We have over 4 million square feet of warehouse space in the US and Canada. Our fulfillment center warehouses in California, Illinois, New York, Kentucky, Texas and provinces throughout Canada can accommodate short or long-term storage of your materials.  For large scale projects, Kelly Direct offers some of the lowest rates on pallet storage and will break out fulfillment program estimates for storage based on the lowest per pallet / per month rate.

Foreign Trade Zone, or Free Trade Zone, space is also available for clients importing products from foreign countries to be warehoused and fulfilled in the United States or around the world.  FTZ space results in significant savings in storage, duties and taxes resulting in the lowest cost order processing and fulfillment services possible. We provide top-notch inventory maintenance and control with sophisticated reporting for safe and secure storage.

Kelly Direct is a leader in the assembly or kitting of promotional items, premiums, prizes and incentives.  Kits or packages assembled by Kelly Direct can include gift bags, tee prizes, service awards, office supplies, CD’s / DVD’s, product samples, point-of-purchase materials, trade show giveaways, etc.

Kelly Direct can also assemble and “dress” retail products to be fulfilled in master packs to retailers and dealers.  This includes labeling, marking, hang tag insertion, bar coding, poly bagging, shrink wrapping and virtually any other type of final configuration required by specific distributors or retailers.

Kitting and assembly projects are fulfilled rapidly and cost-effectively through a combination of machinery and up to 200 production personnel experienced at hand assembly of individual components. Assembly projects can be accomplished for as little as 500 units, as large at 500,000 units or more

Product and order fulfillment of the products or promotional items can be accomplished in bulk or individually based on online order entry.  We ship both domestically and internationally.  A proprietary e-commerce shopping cart system is available for clients requiring a sophisticated and proven order and inventory management system.  Our shopping cart system can be easily integrated with your existing website or e-store.   All forms of payment processing are available, whether the “payments” are credit cards, checks, budget codes, and/or a “points” system for incentive program fulfillment.

In addition to fulfillment services, many clients also require a print and direct mail component to better promote their product or service.  Here we manage the project in its entirety, with the ability to provide mailing lists, design services, printing, production, assembly, postage calculations and delivery to the post office or shipper of your choice.

The shipping and freight charges associated with each fulfillment program (frequently referred to as “Shipping and Handling” or “Shipping and Processing”) generally represents the majority of cost.  Here we not only provide the lowest cost fulfillment, but “least cost routing analysis” to ensure the absolute lowest shipping cost meeting your delivery standard and deadlines.  We work with all major shippers, some with a daily onsite presence in our warehouses.

Assembly & Kitting Checklist


In this day and age of digital media, the distribution of physical media is gaining in favor as agencies, brands and retailers seek to create brand engagement.  Kelly Direct fulfillment services can help by assembling, kitting and shipping your physical products and promotional media as completed packages.

Whether 500 units or 500,000 units, we can assemble, kit, package and fulfill product samples, promotional items, incentive and amenities kits, gift bags, event give-aways and media kits.

Download our handy digital checklist "How to Pre-Flight Assembly & Kitting Projects" and contact us for your next assembly project.


Some high-volume merchandise programs may benefit from the use of Foreign Trade Zone space. Kelly Direct works with three of these facilities.

What is Foreign Trade Zone Space?

Foreign Trade Zone space is an area of a country where typical trade barriers, such as duties, taxes, tariffs and quotas, are lowered to encourage new business and foreign investments.  Merchandise that lands at, and is stored in, an FTZ warehouse can typically save 3-10% or more on the cost-of-goods.

Most FTZís are located in developing countries (e.g. Brazil, El Salvador, Honduras, Kenya, Guatemala), making it difficult and risky for domestic corporations to benefit.  But, Kelly Direct now offers the cost reduction benefits of FTZ space right here in the United States ñ in Southern California, in fact!  

How Does It Work?

Duty Deferral:  Imported products admitted to the FTZ are not entered into the Customer territory until their withdrawal from the FTZ.  Therefore, users obtain a cash flow savings by deferring duties until the merchandise leaves the FTZ for consumption by the US consumer.

Duty Elimination:  Imported products admitted to the FTZ and subsequently destroyed in the FTZ or exported from the FTZ are not subject to Customs duties.

Duty Reduction:  Imported products admitted to the FTZ can be placed in a special status that allows the merchandise to be classified and appraised in its condition as withdrawn from the FTZ.  For manufacturers, this means that imported components with a higher duty rate can be classified and appraised in its finished product form, with a potentially lower rate of duty, thereby reducing the amount of duty owed.

Weekly vs. Daily Entries:  Brokers fees and merchandise processing fees paid may be significantly reduced by filing weekly entries as opposed to daily manifests or one per shipment.

Fast Track Your Containers:   Users may obtain permission from Customs to move merchandise directly from the port of arrival to the FTZ, avoiding delays at congested ports and minimizing inspection time at the ports.

How Do I Get Started?   

While the application and approval process for becoming a Certified Free Trade Zone space is a long (up to two years), and expensive ($100K+) process, Kelly Direct can provide you with access to the savings and benefits of a Certified FTZ facility without becoming one.  A simple application is all that is necessary to take advantage of this opportunity.

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