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    Kelly Direct assembles, warehouses and ships merchandise and promotional products all over the world.  We have managed thousands of fulfillment projects and shipped millions of items...   More>>
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    Kelly Direct manages dozens of highly-vetted fulfillment and freight companies in the US with millions of square feet of warehouse space and excellent resources in Mexico, Canada and Europe..... More>>
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    Shipping and Supplies
    Kelly Direct's volume discounts on shipping, packaging and other materials dramatically cut costs... More>>
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    Management and Consulting
    Kelly Direct applies decades of experience to manage individual projects, ongoing fulfillment programs and corporate-wide supply chain initiatives...  More>>
About Kelly Direct






Kelly Direct provides expert management of supply chain projects for assembly and fulfillment of merchandise to consumers, retailers and other end users. 

Kelly Direct has decades-long relationships with a handful of rigorously vetted warehouses throughout the domestic US, Mexico, Canada and 14 European countries.  Combined, these warehouses represent over 11.5 million square feet of space.

President Kelly Bennett founded P3 in 1984 and expanded it to a multi-million dollar fulfilllment company with 239,000 square feet of space and 180 employess.  As a result of 30 years in the business, Bennett has worked with, competed against and maintains president-to-president relationships with selected fulfillment industry leaders.

Not all fulfillment companies are equal.  After thoroughly analyzing project specifications, Kelly Direct selects and negotiates pricing with warehouses based on the suitability of the project, overhead, proximity to the port, proximity to ship destinations, level of IT sophistication, warehouse storage capability, ability for rapid labor pool spin-up, EDI compliance, HIPAA and FDA certifications and more.    

Kelly Bennett is an entrepreneur, not a sales rep.  Kelly and her team strive to improve your bottom line...down to the last nickel.   

Kelly Direct expects -- and provide -- exceptional customer service and manages programs with an iron fist. 


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