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    Kelly Direct assembles, warehouses and ships merchandise and promotional products all over the world.  We have managed thousands of fulfillment projects and shipped millions of items...   More>>
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    Kelly Direct manages dozens of highly-vetted fulfillment and freight companies in the US with millions of square feet of warehouse space and excellent resources in Mexico, Canada and Europe..... More>>
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    Kelly Direct's volume discounts on shipping cartons, packaging and other materials cut costs... More>>
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Kelly Direct Inc. executes large-scale assembly and fulfillment programs for promotions and marketing campaigns.  We apply our pragmatic solutions and vetted vendors to get your merchandise assembled, out the door and to its ultimate destination.

We bring a unique and valuable approach to logistics management in that we are entrepreneurial in our approach to project management.  We work for you.  We enhance your bottom line and exceed expectations.  We negotiate (and sometimes dictate) pricing to our vendors and then we manage the project with an iron fist.  After 25+ years in the industry, Kelly Bennett knows the players, their capabilities and industry pricing practices.  

We represent a handful of tried-and-true fulfillment and freight vendors with whom we have excellent long-standing relationships.  These companies are very, very good at what they do.  We assess your program and its requirements and place it in the facility(ies) that make sense.  After launch, we manage the project from start-to-finish, providing significant savings and extraordinary customer service.

Kelly Direct represents over 11.5 million square feet of warehouse space in the domestic US, Mexico, Canada and 14 European countries.  We have the capacity to assemble up to 250K units/day.... Read More

Fulfillment Solutions



Kelly Direct offers a comprehensive range of logistics services for promotions, B-C and B-B projects including warehousing, freight, order fulfillment, assembly kitting, and reverse logistics

Based on over 25 years of hands-on, boots-on-the-ground experience, Kelly Direct works with 10-12 warehouses strategically placed throughout the US.  The combined square footage of our US and international warehouse space is 11.5 million square feet.  

Kelly Direct smoothly integrates with systems, can manage thousands of SKU and has capacity to assemble up to 250K units/day.  


Our Clients
  • PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT DISTRIBUTORS - Promotional product distributors source back-end fulfillment to Kelly Direct, taking advantage of yet another revenue stream and offering discounted pricing to your clients.  Projects vary greatly in complexity, volume and duration.  We easily tie in with legacy systems, maintain multiple SKUs and assemble up 250K/day. 
  • FORTUNE 500 BRANDS - America's leading consumer products brands utilize Kelly Direct to fulfill products merchandise and POP materials to consumers and retailers.  We also support large-scale cross-dock and assembly projects.  Over 30 retailer routing guides in place.
  • MARKETING AND ADVERTISING FIRMS - Kelly Direct assembles and ships branded merchandise and materials to large-scale, world-class events, campaigns and fundraisers.
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